AIDS in our society today

AIDS in our society today

AIDS in our society today

Two decades ago since the HIV/AIDS pandemic was first identified, the research bodies into the disease has been growing steadily with lots of resources in the medical world being invested to provide a solution to it. Thus, this research will pursue to cover the wide range of the topics ranging from the strictly medical studies to the demographic and social implications of how HIV/AIDS is viewed today and the interventions as well as the practical approaches that have and will enable to reduce and halt the spreading of the illness.

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However, there are many issues that the modern society has to grapple with and as outlined above the people need to be enlightened on matters about sexual activities as well as the preventions, modes of transmission and the need to have a society that supports each other. Sadly, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS despite many breakthroughs on how it is transmitted and how it spreads in the body. However, there are drugs that can ensure that an infected person can try to live normally.

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