Agency Analysis

Agency Analysis

Agency Analysis

Indeed for more than the last two decades the Federal Bureau of Investigations has undergone immense changes from the initial plans that led to its formation. As the primary and essential investigative agency for the federal government, the FBI as it is commonly referred to, investigates violations of any federal law as well as national security. The agency is exclusively assigned by powers vested with the president to lead in investigations within America on matters pertaining international terrorist threats, foreign intelligence as well as assess the conduct of foreigners in USA

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The FBI has made a phenomenon progress in ensuring that the USA is fully protected, and this has ensured that the agency becomes a successful benchmark for any crime investigation unit in the world. However, despite a few challenges, the FBI has made significant changes in ensuring that the agency has respect for legal rights and has been commended by both critics and the state governments.

Bayley, D. H. (2005). Police reform as foreign policy. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 38(2), 206-215.

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