Agencies, Laws, and Regulations

Agencies, Laws, and Regulations

Agencies, Laws, and Regulations.

Agencies, Laws, and Regulations; the Central intelligence Agency is an agency in the USA government that gather intelligence from foreign corporation, governments and people all across the globe. The aim of the agency is to collect and analyze information and make an assessment of national security intelligence to law and policy makers in the US upon request by the president.

The CIA provides directives for collecting information outside the US and correlated them with the national security in the country. Providing intelligence of security risks that may comprise security measures in the US  is also the its work. Both agencies share intelligence information of security risks and measure to be undertaken to protect the country from both internal and external threats.

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On the other hand, Federal Bureau of Investigation is an agency under the department of Justice. Its objective is to federal criminal investigation and provides intelligence information on security. The duty of the FBI is to safeguard Native Americans from domestic spies with may result in domestic violence. Under the major Act in the US constitution, the FBI has the jurisdiction of carrying out investigations of Americans across the countries border.

There are similarities between the FBI and the CIA on their missions and vision. Both organizations are government agencies which are aimed at gathering and analyzing intelligence information on security risks and measures in the US.

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