African American Classics- Graphic Classics Vol. 22

Upon reading the book, it was evident that the literature and linguistics in the United States of America had ignored the work that was done by the great Black Americas in writing. The book was a collection of great stories and poems from America’s earliest Black writers. The book highlights the struggles and hardships that these Blacks went through in the earlier days while they were living in the days when racism was at its epic.

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The social, economic, and political themes expressed in the book include racism, racial [profiling, and inequality or discrimination. The racial profiling is evident in the book right from the book perceived special because it contains the work that was written by blacks. Racism bleeds racial profiling. The book contains stories that give accounts of experiences that these blacks were subjected. The book contains the views and ideas of activists like William Du Bois who were fighting for abolition of racist ideas.

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