African American and Pastoral Counseling

African American and Pastoral Counseling

African American and Pastoral Counseling

The ministry of patrol care and counseling among the African American churches has been in existence since the early days of the church. The pastoral counseling and care is bout meeting the physical or even the emotional needs as it is about meeting the physical needs. Then counseling systems in the churches may vary from one church to the other depending on the denomination or other external differences.

However, the problems that individuals face in their daily activities are the same despite their church affiliation. The churches place a high priority on the healing of the psychological problems that the members face. Hence, most of the healing takes place through spiritual intervention. This is whereby individuals replace the negative emotions and feelings with positive regard and joy. However, there is little exposed to the pastoral counseling that is conducted mostly by the pastor and the church member. It is, therefore, key that there be a sufficient study of how the pastors conceptualize, experience and structure the pastoral counseling including receiving and also making referrals. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to assess the literature review of the various studies that have been conducted before on African American pastoral counseling in general.

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However, it is crucial to combine the pastoral training with other professional training so as to make it holistic and capable of handling mire advanced issues such as mental health and drug abuse (Hill & Pargament, 2003).

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