Affordable housing at the state level

Affordable housing at the state level

Affordable housing at the state level

North Carolina is one of American States. Affordable housing is housing that is considered affordable to people whose are of middle earning as evaluated by a country,a state or a city.It is estimated that about hundred million people are homeless while about one billion people live in insufficient housings. The situation is largely precipitated by the fact that most of them cannot afford housing.One has to spend about 30 percent of their income on mortgage for buying a house while one willing to rent has to earn at least fifty percent of middle-income home. The prices set are unattainable for most people as their basic wage is very low hence not affordable, as well as meeting other basic needs.

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You have to consider their beliefs,diversity in ethnic representation,sex,age,political beliefs, religion as well as their bodily state of whether physically challenged or not. The ethics ensure one respects the people they are working with and characterize them truthfully and fairly without judging or criticizing them. It also helps one to respect all people and avoid events of discrimination of the people based on their ethnic background, religion, sex or their physical or mental disability.

Assembly, N. D. (1999). Code of ethics of the national association of social workers. Retrieved March, 4, 2005.

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