Affordable Care Act policy paper

Affordable Care Act policy paper

Affordable Care Act policy paper

The Affordable Care Act place the consumer to having full control of their health. Apparently, this means that American people have full power to make decisions regarding their health. On March 23, 2010 President Barrack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law and on Supreme Court upheld the decision on June 28, 2012 decision. Reducing the growth in the United Stated health care spending and offering more Americans access to affordable quality health insurance were the primary objectives of the Affordable Care Act (In Thompson, 2015).

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In conclusion, it is evident that the Affordable Care Act was meant to shield the people from health hazards they face and also make it easier for them to access health care at an affordable rate.

In Thompson, T. (2015). The Affordable Care Act.
Davidson, S. M. (2013). A new era in U.S. health care: Critical next steps under the Affordable Care Act.

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