Affinity orientation discrimination

Affinity orientation discrimination

Affinity orientation discrimination

Affinity orientation discrimination can be referred to as the adverse treatment and reaction individuals receive as a result of whom they develop an attraction or alluded to. The other name for an affinity orientation is sexual discrimination. In reference to sexual orientation, certain groups of people usually come into mind; lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender all of which are usually abbreviated as LGBT.

Issues of sexual identity and orientation have in the past and currently continue to attract debate and controversies both in the legal, medical and social fraternity. Since the society has always operated o the assumption that sexual identity and orientation is definite and known since the time of birth, individuals with an affinity orientation that is distinct to the norm, they usually face constant discrimination.

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the enactment of the ENDA or amend the Title VII to include gender affinity may just be the solution of ending the discrimination of the LGBT. The different interpretations, as well as conflicting definitions, have created a pool of controversies and confusion that has inhibited legislation of protective laws.

In the spirit of the constitution, dignity, respect as well equality should be granted to all and anything short of this represent rejection of basic human rights. It is, therefore, quite important that the US lawmakers come forward to rescue the plight of the LGBT by either enacting the ENDA or amend the Title VII to encompass the affinity orientation.

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