Addiction is the both the physical or virtual things individuals do and acts as a barrier to the blood-brain of someone. These has led to the imbalance of the chemicals in the brain and to someone to feeling of guilt, shame, failure, rejection, anxiety and failure. These addictions may be substances which are physically taken into the human systems, drugs being the most of the addiction most individuals encounter with. The factors which cause the addiction are emotional, circumstantial, physical and mental (Hoffman, John, and Susan 33-34).

As seen in Drinking: a love story by Caroline Knapp, the addiction of the drugs; mostly alcoholism has a lot of contribution to people’s behavior.

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The outcomes of legalizing marijuana are grave: negative health impacts, increased drug use, and negative effects on family. Therefore, before championing for legalization of marijuana, think about your family, brothers and sisters, their health. Think about the teens, which regardless of possible restriction by age, still access alcohol. Marijuana will not be an exception. Everyone will access it, and with the high chances of depression, risks of cancer, we are likely to have a sick society.

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