Addiction counselling

Addiction counselling

Addiction counselling

Compassionate, diligent, honest, kind-hearted, patient, hardworking and loving,that is how you can best describe me.I love smiling at any one I meet and tend to be very social.  Spending my time helping others especially in my community is what i love most. I like to view every day as a new chance to make a difference to others by helping in whichever way I can. Helping people always ends up being a good learning experience for me and leaves me feeling good about myself.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wise words which  emphasize that the purpose of life is not to necessarily be happy, but to be useful, compassionate, and honorable and thus create a difference in the world,is what i live by.  It is my personality type coupled with this quote that prompts me to engage in volunteer work around my community. I also  have an interest in chemical dependency counseling especially seeing that more people in my neighborhood get into drug addiction each day.

American Counseling Association. (2005).


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