Addiction; The society we live in is heavily medicated; with people seeking medication for everything from fatigue to mental illnesses. According to Colvin (2002), though the medication is issued only under prescription, the reliance of individuals on medication cannot be controlled as easily, hence addiction.

The subject talks about how he has been seeing psychiatrists on and off since the age of 14 when he was diagnose with depressive d/o, GAD and ADHD. Since the age of 14, he has been seeing a prescribing psychiatrist. This basically sums up his outpatient treatment.

He explains that drug use cost him his first relationship as a junior in college and is since yet to have a monogamous relationship. Pt also admits that his drug problem has put him in situations of having unprotected sex. He however tests negative for HIV. In his academics, the first two years in college were spent partying but had little effect on his academics.

Pt also admitted to have participated in an AA/NA

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Increases stress may lead to abuse of prescription medication thus opening the door to use of narcotics. It is therefore important that prescribing psychiatrists keep patient stress levels and anxiety in check other than leaving the job to pills.Drug and alcohol use has had a lot of effect on his life. In terms of relationships, Pt explains that he has been able to maintain a relationship while he was abusing prescription medication.

Colvin, R. (2002). Prescription Drig Addiction: the hidden epidemic : a guide to coping and understanding. Omaha: Addicus Books.

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