Acts 1:8

Acts 1 8

Acts 1:8

Resurrecting of Jesus Christ is deemed as the most fundamental truth of the gospel and the cardinal doctrine of Christianity. All gospel teaching ends their narrative of Jesus Christ with the claim of his resurrection and exaltation. Before ascending to heaven, Jesus promised his disciples that they would receive Helper who was to guide them in spreading the gospel.

The task of disciples was to witness Jesus in all part of the world starting from Jerusalem then go throughout Judea, Samaria and end of the earth.  The mission had a geographical and ethnic universalism perspective in it. First believers were to start witnessing in Jerusalem where Jewish were then to the rest of the world where they would reach out non-Jew people. At first they did not understand the mission since they thought only Jews were supposed to be preached to, but later understood though with some difficulties all people, despite their ethnicity were inclusive.

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All Christian including the modern one have one core purpose which is to witness Jesus Christ in all parts of the world. Believers were promised Helper in the form of Holy Spirit to assist them in spreading the good news of repentance and salvation.

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