Acid rain in the North East

Acid rain in the North East

Acid rain in the North East

An acid rain as explained by Park (2013) is the type of rain that is formed when nitrogen and sulfur component that may be present in the atmosphere gets oxidized and thereby mixing with the available moisture during the process of rain formation when the moisture is undergoing condensation. The oxides of sulfur and nitrogen are then transformed into the components of Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and nitric acid (HNO3) thereby creating the formation of acidic rain.

Park (2013) further explains that an acid rain has lower than 5.6 in pH value. Acidic content in rain is a result of absorption of the accumulated sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides by the moisture during the condensation process in forming clouds. Some of the mostly involved contributing factors such as people or organizations that contribute hugely towards the formation of acidic rain in the atmosphere are as illustrated as follows.

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The goals and responsibilities are to be as well clearly stated. Also, unequivocal consequences should be provided for not applying, delaying or not being in compliance with the program’s implementation. In third and final stage of implementing the program the government must and needs to stay focused in the achievement of goals as stipulated in the legislation. The government should also promptly resolve issues, improve efficiency in operation but it should refrain from participating in controlling the market contributing to acid rain since most of the restructurings occur outside the domain regulator.


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