Accreditation and Awards

Accreditation and Awards

Accreditation and Awards.

Accreditation and Awards: This paper explores the difference between accreditations and awards for excellence by defining what they are and the purposes for which they are instituted. In the second part, the paper will discuss the documented values of awards for excellence in education or clinical environments.

Accreditation is defined as a formal and voluntary process of evaluation and quality assurance to ensure that an organization or institution is competent enough to discharge the duties for which it was created.

Accreditation also means the evaluation of an organization or institution against defined or set standards, whereby when the organization is found in compliance with those standards, it is awarded recognition by a third party, usually a professional accrediting agency.

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opportunities for growth in different areas within their scope of practice. As such, even though an organization fails to win the award. The process of participation in itself helps it grow and improve the weak areas.  Another benefit of these awards is that it improves compliance among organizations to the predetermined industry standards and guidelines.

Since the selection criteria for such awards often factor in industry defined performance and quality standards as well as ethical guidelines, they act as a check and balance for promoting ethical conduct among institutions (Mumford & Roodhouse, 2010).

Lastly, these awards are an appropriate way of recognizing the commitment and unique achievements/contributions of individuals and organizations within their area of practice. Moreover, they serve as an excellent tool for motivating and promoting similar behavior.


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