Accountability Standards

Accountability Standards

Accountability Standards

Accountability has been the central component of human services in many organizations. In the present human service system, all policy details are spelled out in federal, state and local requirements. The standards are used to measure the organizations’ compliance with the rules and regulations that govern their practices. Thus, accountability standards, leadership styles, and diversity have direct influences in organizations.

The primary effect of accountability standards in an organization is that employees view these programs as progressive methods of assigning and completing their duties. For instance, leaders who involve employees in setting their goals and expectations make them understand them better and become more confident that they can achieve their expectations and perform at high levels. Leadership styles determine the performance of employees in an organization. Leaders can use their agencies performance appraisal programs to establish the expectations of employees and use formal award programs to recognize them.

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Thus, accountability standards hold direct service workers accountable for results. These workers should also be rewarded for their efforts where the effects are negative. This would increase the morale of these workers to assign themselves some tasks and becomes self-accountable. This strategy would increase the relationship between the workers and the managers. There would be improved cooperation in the workplace since everyone is held accountable for accomplishing a set goal or assignment (Grissom, Nicholson‐Crotty, & Harrington, 2006).

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