Abuse of Authority in Intelligent Systems

Abuse of Authority in Intelligent Systems

Abuse of Authority in Intelligent Systems

Abuse of Authority in Intelligent Systems:Intelligence systems have provided efficiency and effectiveness to tasks performance throughout the human life span. As technology is enhanced, the efficiency of the intelligence system improves since they are a very important component of technology. Computers have been positioned to substitute tasks normally done by humans at a much faster rate with minimal or no errors. This computers and systems are quite effective and as a result, they are prone to abuse by rogue users. Abuse of authority is the misuse of the authority vested in unique resources for personal and selfish purposes. This abuse of authority in most cases doe not only represent the misuse of resources but also has safety implications as well as violations of rights of others.

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Throw Grassley, R-Iowa, records the dozen occurrences where the NSA’s foreign intelligent gathering systems were misused. The letter likewise says there are two extra episodes now under investigations and an claim pending that may require an investigation. No less than six of the incidents were forwarded to the Justice Department for conceivable arraignment; none seem to have resulted into charges.

D’Arcy, J., Hovav, A., & Galletta, D. F. (2009). User awareness of security countermeasures and its impact on information systems misuse: A deterrence perspective. Information Systems Research, 20(1), 79–98.

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