Abuse and neglect of the elderly

Abuse and neglect of the elderly

Abuse and neglect of the elderly

Even though, the abuse of the elderly is acknowledged as human rights violation, it remains as the most concealed type of conflicts in the society.  The recognition of this form of atrocities towards the old in the society today has been featured by erratic initiatives that are usually followed by episodes of indifference among governments, the general public, international organizations as well as researchers.

Elderly abuses are a form of violence that has not gotten much consideration from policymakers despite the fact that it is a rising problem in the contemporary society. However, elderly people today are not only more active than before but also more independent

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The elderly have contributed and some sacrificed a lot for the wellness of this great nation and the society must put a stop to these human rights violations through vigilance and considerable investments into the matter. The vulnerability of old people requires that the issue of abuse of the elderly be given extra attention in terms of research, policy making, training and creating awareness. A proactive and preventative approach should form the basis of this affirmative action in minimizing the abuse of the elderly in the community.

Bonnie, R. J. & Wallace, R. B. (Eds.). (2003). Elder mistreatment, abuse, neglect and exploitation in an aging America. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

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