Abuse and neglect in home care

Abuse and neglect in home care

Abuse and neglect in home care

In their article about home care, Matthias and Benjamin tries to explain abuse and neglect as far as consumer-directed and agency-based models are concerned.  Whether the type of model used got something to with abuse and negligence. They try to assess whether there is any connection between mistreatment and services providers. But after going through the article, it becomes clear that, abuse and neglect are, as a result, various factors.

Abuse refers to mistreatment while neglect refers to the abandonment. Some of the clients are abused and neglected by their care providers in one way, or another.

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An old patient might give false information about a care provider for the fear of being taken to nursing homes. Being taken to nursing homes translates to the loss of independence. It is also agreeable that interviewing the clients over the telephones can result to unreliable information. During such interviews, care providers usually stand next to their client so that they can influence the answers given by the clients. In other words, if a client is asked whether there is any form of abuse or neglect, untrue answers may be given especially if the care provider is around. (Matthias, Benjamin, 2003, p.177).

Matthias, R. E., & Benjamin, A. E. (2003), ABUSE AND NEGLECT OF CLIENTS INAGENCY-BASED AND CONSUMER DIRECTED HOME CARE. Health & Social Work, 28(3), 174-184

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