About stereotypes

About stereotypes

About stereotypes.

About stereotypes: Stereotyping can be defined as having an attitude, or a specific perception towards those who seem different or exclusive of one’s experience. This attitude primarily seems to be usually pejorative, and with over simplified social perceptions.

A stereotype can be define as this belief of looking and classifying people into specific groups, or in accordance with the characteristics which they seem to posses. This characterization emanates an attitude of classifying people outside ones experience, in perception of how they carry out their practices or behave on a daily basis.

What people need to understand is that these beliefs do not accurately present the reality. In as much as they harbor similarities. People also need to understand that the definitions accorded these stereotypes are fundamentally psychological.

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in the social, political and economic activities in our societies. People can also create awareness on the need of being physically fit, and also on the need of women changing their attitude towards a particular type of men. The best way we can do that is through social media, which serves as a forum of communication between different audiences.

In conclusion, stereotyping is real in our societies. People have different beliefs and attitudes towards difference in sex, race, sexual orientation, physical capabilities and religion.

However, in as much as stereotyping has deep-rooted itself in our society. We need to forge ahead through peaceful and diplomatic means in curbing this perception. All that we need to do is promote cohesiveness and undisputable socialization in order to change this attitude.

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