About Spain and Spain Flag

About Spain and Spain Flag

About Spain and Spain Flag.

About Spain and Spain Flag: The kingdom of Spain is the official name of the country commonly known as Spain. Spain as a country is a member of the European Union and a sovereign state located in the southwestern side of Europe with the longest border in Europe with a measurement of 1214 kilometer.

The country covers an estimate of 200,000 square mile with a mixed coastal land, mountainous region and high plateaus. Spain population is estimated to be about 40 million people with the country bonder.

The official language is Spanish where most part of the population using the language as a medium of communication (Cowans, 2003, p. 125). The culture way of life in the country is mixed stemming from catholic faith with numerous festivals which are traditional being celebrated every year.

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Apparently, Spain was divided into kingdoms which had their own flags.  The colors on the flag was selected by King Charles III and was first used as a navy flag. An eagle was featured in the flag after the Spanish civil war in 1936. The current flag was later designated as the national flag.

Notably, the ease way of handing over power in the country makes the country to perform well economically in the European region. The culture of the people and the nature features makes the Spain an attractive tourist destination, which is also contributed by the good governance in the country.


Cowans, J. (2003). Early modern Spain: A documentary history. Philadelphia, Pa: Univ. of            Pennsylvania Press.

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