Abortion in the United States of America

Abortion in the United States of America

Abortion in the United States of America.

Abortion in the United States of America: Abortion can be viewed as a social issue that affects both the economic and political aspects in our society. In trying to figure out how abortion affects our societies, we shall also try to sample Americans views on the matter.

We shall also sample the media views and other interest groups views on the matter and also run a background check on abortion laws in the United States of America.

We shall also try to figure out what are the reactions are towards these laws by the media, politicians, activist groups and also the public views on the matter. Then shall also look at California’s abortion laws

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In a nut shell, the public, the activist groups, the media and the church all have a say in this issue of abortion. What all of us need to understand that this is a critical issue that needs to be addresse sooner or later.

I feel that in as much as women have a right to their bodies, and still want to maintain their dignity as well as their freedoms, they need to be well informed.

Therefore, I feel it is up to every one of us to approach abortion critically without politicizing it or dragging in other issues into the matter. I feel that abortion is about morality, philosophy and how we view the world. It is not about the law or politics.


Berlatsky, N. (2011). Abortion. Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press.

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