Roe v. Wade, 410 US is a milestone decision by the Supreme Court of the United States concerning the issue of abortion. Decided at once with a companion case of Doe v. Bolton, the court ruled 7-2 in favour of the woman’s right and privacy to make her decision to have an abortion or not. This right however should is balanced by the state’s two sincere interests in controlling abortions.

These interests are protecting prenatal life and protecting the health of the pregnant woman. The term abortion refers to the forceful expulsion and subsequent removal of the fetus or the unborn baby or child from the womb of a woman (or the uterus) (Stray-Pedersen and Sverre, 11). Usually, at the end aim of the expulsion is to end and terminate forthwith any chance of the unborn baby from being born.

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On the same line of thought and breadth, if the conception or the pregnancy conceived by a woman in any way proves to be risky on the life of the mother then abortion would be permissible according to me. This ought to happen only with the advice and express opinion of a genuine medical doctor, to the effect that the pregnancy could put the life of the mother in danger. In retrospect, it implies that it is needless to protect the unborn baby at the expense of the mother.

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