Lynette Knapp authored the article ‘Abortion is a Moral Choice’ in contribution to the existing controversies on abortion. Her article discusses on her believe in the importance of abortion being accessible to all women where the choice solely belongs to them. The article differs with the belief that the war on the legalization of abortion is a win. She describes the issues as liberation, empowering and beneficial to women and the society. This is by examining the human and religious perspectives, as well as, the goodness of people having reproductive choices in their lives.

The essay will review Knapp’s arguments on the various points of view on abortion, and why it is necessary.

Knapp discusses the need for a change of attitude towards abortion. This is by analyzing three distinct opinions that brings out morality of the issue. Humanist ethics versus religious attitudes, abortion as a consideration to the potential life to be led and as liberation to women.  She starts by discussing about Henry Morgentaler. He was an advocate for rights to abortion, and the first person to open an abortion clinic in Canada. His move saw him being prosecuted four times. The opening of the article with the story greatly validates Knapp’s argument on why the fight for abortion is still far away to win and also predicts of her support for the practice.

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In conclusion, the review sought to analyze the article on, abortion is a moral choice. Therefore, the argument is biased on the writer’s experience of the holocaust. Its argumentative to a point at the defense used sounds outrageous and prejudice. It has made the argument weaker.


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