Most of the definitions of retirement are more pegged on a loss, withdrawal or retreat from a job or occupation. I, however, ascribe to the thought that retirement for me should mean a time of new achievements, more growth, and also a whole new set of happiness than I already know. Working on the premise that just as many things in life, retirement is what one makes out of it. However, now that I have retired the strength that I had and the plans I was making I am finding myself in a whole new zone of confusion and disarray. The lack of a routine to follow, things to do or expectations to meet are hard to get to terms.

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Retirement can a phase that includes a whole process and not just a mere event in a person’s life. It therefore, requires planning and also adjustment. It is a stage in life that can last several years and hence planning for it is of great importance to be equipped and ready to deal with it.

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