Aaron T. Beck Contribution to Psychology

Aaron T Beck Contribution to Psychology

Aaron T. Beck Contribution to Psychology

Aaron T. Beck is on the list of the leading clinical theorists in the modern world. As a native of Rhode Island, he was born on July 18th, 1921 as the youngest son in a family of five children (Thou, 2011).

His father was a printer and an intellectual who promoted principles of socialist while his mother foregone her dreams to while she was young to take care of her younger siblings after the death of their parents. Mother died of depression after she lost her daughter in 1919. Aaron himself almost died when he was seven years old after he broke his arm then became infected. The experience was traumatic what later in his life used to develop his cognitive theory. He has been married to lover Phyllis for over 60 years, who he met while in an internship, and together they have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Currently, he is a lecturer.

Aaron T. Beck Career

Aaron had a profound interest in vagaries of human nature in most of his life. However, he did not pursue his interest until later in his professional career. After graduating in 1942, he joined Yale Medical School to embark on his career in medicine and graduated in 1946 (Reevy, Ozer & Ito, 2010).

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Aaron T. Beck is evidently one of the greatest theorists alive. According to Secker, Kazantzis & Pachana (2004) his commitment has led to the revolution of psychology and psychodynamics. Living in the time when Feud’s theory was the only popular theory that explained depression, he did his evaluations and test to understand further what caused depression.

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