Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr.

Aaron Burr was the third president of the United States of America who was and still remains to be the most controversial politician in the history of the US. He failed to secure the position of the governor in the New York as a result of partisan politics which affected his political career.

Burr ended up killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel. He believed that Hamilton who was the leader of the Republican for contributed in diminishing his political career.

He was an active politician between in the late 1700s and the early 1800s, and came up with the idea of creating a party system in America.  However, he later became a victim of the idea of the party system. Aaron Burr was born on 6th February, 1756 in Newark, New Jersey.

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The case was very complex by putting the prosecution team in under a position that was impossible to convict him. The judge has put all his best to cover up all aspects that could put Burr in prison.

Burr travelled to Europe in exile and in 1812, he returned later to the United States. At that time his political force was no longer influencing despite being an active politician in the previous century.

Aaron Burr could have been the president of the United State of America, if only he was able to retain his political ambition in place. However, after the murder of Alexander Hamilton, the perception of the public towards him was changed and he was considered as the one of the worst traitors in the history of America.


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