A wood carving of St Peter

A wood carving of St Peter

A wood carving of St Peter

The sculpture of St. Peter is distinctively a Gothic sculpture. The Sculpture is 3D as is expected of Gothic sculptures and can stand on its own two feet. The sculpture portrays a form geometric harmony and symmetrical. There is also a sense of realism in the sculpture. The sculpture is accurate and devoid of artistic affections. Saint Peter is depicted accurately with his bald graying hair. There is a sense of ordinariness when you look at the sculpture. St Peter does not have wings or a halo. He is just an ordinary man holding on to a book which might be a bible.

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There is also the use of poly chrome that was used to by the sculpture to emphasize on the dressing of St. Peter. Throughout Europe, religious sculptures were decorated in poly chrome. The sculpture of Saint Peter is no different and has traces of Poly chrome. The inner robe of the saint has been painted in bright brown which is complemented by the cream and touches of khaki of the outside robe. The Gothic style used by the sculptor creates a standardized and more realistic figure.

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