A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities.

A Tale of Two Cities is a novel by Charles Dickens, it mostly encompasses themes of revolution, resurrection and duality it was the worst of time and the best of times in Paris and London before and during the French Revolution which seems inevitable, with trees waiting to be transformed to execute and the rebellion spirit mutely contaminating the countryside.

Born in Portsmouth England in 1982, Charles Dickens was the second of eight children. Charles Dickens family was very poor and they lived a difficult childhood. At the age of twelve, Dickens father was sent to the debtor’s prison.

Dickens had to find work to help pay his father’s debt. These troublesome experiences scarred Dickens deeply and provided him with inspiration to write some of his novels like David Copperfield, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.

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Dickens also uses repetition as a technique to hold the story together. Darnay endures three trials trough out the novel.  Tellson’s Bank and Jerry Cruncher weave in and out of the novel both in Paris and London.

Despite the dual locations, many flashbacks and broad space of time, the plot advances in a bell-shaped curve. The opening book is somehow opening in nature foreshadowing the trouble in France.

Book two the plot rushes forward with the revolution in action. In the end the book is just like the beginning in a quiet domestic setting in London. The novel has come full circle

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