A Report Summarizing the History of Black English

A Report Summarizing the History of Black English

A Report Summarizing the History of Black English.

A Report Summarizing the History of Black English: Black English is referred to as an honest language system, which has its own rules of grammar, terminologies, and structure. Variously it is also referre to as Black Vernacular English, African-American English, and Ebonics.

However, the origins of Black English is vaguely disputed. Some of the early theories hold that this variety of English is develope from African slaves who failed to learn correct English from their slave masters during which speakers of different African dialects were throw together and forced to communicate through a pidgin language (Finkelman, 45).

Pidgin English is a language that develops among people who do not share a common language, but have a need to communicate as seen in trade activates. Similarly, pidgin was generally use by slave traders, as well as the slave

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Moreover, a different view holds that Black English resulted from the retention of British English structures. That have not been reserve in other varieties of American English (Kautzsch, 255).

Deducing from this, Black English is characterize by pronunciations, syntactic patterns, and morphological structures that in many cases, also occur in other diversities of English.

For these reasons that accumulated over the years, many people have come to reflect to Black English as ‘slang’. By doing this, they are unknowingly damaging the importance and value of the dialect.

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