A healthy human being

A healthy human being

A healthy human being.

A healthy human being: Health is a general word that describes the well-being of a living organism. The healthy human being is one who is who is fully functioning and whose body, mind and soul are free from any form of pain, injury or illness.

It is also a tool used in psychology to describe the overall well-being of a person with regard to the pillars of psychology. Where we view health from the perspective of cognitive philosophy, social philosophy, moral point of view, emotional psychology, sexual perspective, spiritual and also occupational basis.

All these define how healthy a human being is and make the definition of a healthy person complex. Cognitive health gives regard to the brain and cognition processes.

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orderly nature, appropriateness and being suitable all the time and fitting in all niche no matter the culture where adaptability comes in. the individual should acquire wisdom and faithfulness among several other virtues. There is also the emotional dimension of health. Good emotional health can be describe as the ability to control our thoughts and feelings.

It can also be regarded as the control of our behaviors and the ability to feel good about ourselves. An emotionally healthy person may have some mental illness as a result of physical problems.

An emotionally healthy person can avoid problems such as stress and or depression. They have control of their emotions including anger and excitement. Their chemical balance in the brain is stable giving them an easy way to control their emotions.

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