A Doll’s House

A Dolls House

A Doll’s House

A Doll’s House is a play by Henrik Ibsen. The play was initially written in Norwegian. It a prose play that is written as a three-act play. The play was written in Denmark in the 19th century. Many people argue that the intention of the play is to portray the position of women in the society. However, scholars argue that the play has more than just the position of women in the society. It is argues that the theme might be realizing oneself and striving to be one self. It is one of many plays by Henrik Ibsen while another very popular play is An Enemy of the people. The ideas in the play have also apply in the majority of cases (Ibsen 3).

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The characters were choose wisely and represent an entire society. They represented all three social classes; the lower, middle, and high class for Kristine, Torvard, and Dr. Rank. Figurative language, symbolism, mimicry and imagery were all well in use to add taste and enhance the play. The play has recently been recognize as one of the best and it was once recognize to be one of the most read play work.

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