A diary of a Roman Woman during the Early Empire

A diary of a Roman Woman during the Early Empire

A diary of a Roman Woman during the Early Empire.

A diary of a Roman Woman during the Early Empire: I am extremely undermined by the state in which we as women are living under this empirical rule of our emperors. They do not recognize the importance of maintain equality in this society.

I just joined a group of elite women in the palace as we discussed the scheduling of activities on our Roman calendar. All our months, Ianuarius, Februarius, Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Iuniuss, Iulius, Augustus, September, October, November and December require the engagement of cultural and religious activities.

We, women are recognized as the determining factors of the aesthetic values of these events. We held lengthy discussions with the empress and were on the quest of refreshment.

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The recognition of the emperor, his counsel on the VIP section showed the respect and recognition of power. The arena was full of citizens in support of their favorite gladiator they want released.

I in attendance of other women went to the celebration of women ordained in priestly office positions as Vestals. We adhere to our religious believes, and in the event that a woman cannot perform to the obligations of marriage and having children, our cultural aspects allow them to become Vestals.

They devote themselves to the study and observance of our territorial security and survival of our empire. It is a blessing having them work in the same religious capacity as the male priests, providing a glimpse of the hope of equality.

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