A Critique on “Shoot” by Chris Burden

A Critique on “Shoot” by Chris Burden

A Critique on “Shoot” by Chris Burden

A Critique on “Shoot” by Chris Burden:“Shoot” by Chris Burden is one of the intriguing pieces of art in the New Museum. The art is a photograph from the live performance art of Chris burden in 1971. In the 1971 live performance, Chris Burden is shot in the arm in front of his audience. Burden stood 15 feet away from his friend who held a rifle. His friend was supposed to nick the side of Burden’s arm but the bullet went through his arm.

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Chris Burden’s art presented the audience with an experience of what happens when a person is shot. Most people in the society only see people getting shot in detached settings such as on the television. Burden provides the audience with a chance to experience a shooting in person and recoil in fear after realizing the pain and terror of being shot

Although the performance art is extraordinary, the audience may be provoked to question Burden’s actions. The audience may form the opinion that Burden is a masochist who enjoys subjecting his body to pain

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