A Comparison of Christianity and Islam

A Comparison of Christianity and Islam

A Comparison of Christianity and Islam

A Comparison of Christianity and Islam:Religion has existed for countless generations and has been part of every culture that has ever been established. There are many diverse religions in the world where most of them are nurtured by social phenomena. Religion can be described as the beliefs that an individual has in regard to nature, the cause and the purpose of the world and the universe as a whole (Leiter 13). It mostly involves the existence of a superhuman presence that is responsible for creation of the universe. Religion is also often characterized by devotional and ritualistic activities and a moral code that guides its believers. There many kinds of religion which range from Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism, scientology, Confucianism, Falun gong, Rastafarianism, Jainism, Buddhism, vampirism, Satanism among many others.

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Therefore, the society should stop viewing one religion as a threat to the other and also stop pointing fingers at each other whenever there is a problem in the society. This can be a challenge like a terrorism act or any other incident that may prevent peace in the world. As a result, it is upon religious and political leaders to come to the table and forge a way forward and promote peace love and unity among different cultures, religion, races among all other human aspects.

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