A comparison of ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greek architecture

The article describes a detailed overview of the Mesopotamian, Egyptian and the Greek architecture. Further details would be given about each of the architectural designs and a comparison of the same given. The information that would be provided would trace the use of architecture in ancient times with regard to the various changes that took place during the time. The discussion would entail a comparison on the traditions of the three selected regions to determine the possible similarities or differences if there are any.

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Greek used the bronze metal to decorate their structures together with the bosses. It is different from the Egyptians who used gold to decorate their structures. In addition, at the time of construction of the buildings, the Greek architects knew the importance of having a strong foundation for the building that could stand any destruction. It was different from the Egyptians structures that were eroded away with time.

Fitchen, J. (1978). Building Cheops’ Pyramid. The Journal of the Society of Architectural
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