A Clockwork Orange

Not only did Stanley Kubrick produce A Clockwork Orange (1971) but he also directed it. It was based on a 1962 Anthony Burgess novella of the same title. The movie employs violent images that are quite disturbing to comment on juvenile delinquency, psychiatry, youth gangs, as well as other social, economic, and political subjects in a near future, dystopian Britain. The main character of A Clockwork Orange (1971) is Alex, which is played by Malcolm McDowell. Alex is a sociopathic delinquent and equally charismatic.

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So is Kubrick attempting to say that in a clockwork society that is mechanized, people have no rights? That all rebellious people are killers? That Alex does not fit in his society remains an open book for everyone to read. In fact, he is a rebel who consciously chooses violence over nonviolence. Maybe, just maybe, Alex allows himself to opt for violence because it is what makes him tick as a result of the dehumanizing society that Alex finds himself in.

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