A Boy’s Life

A Boy’s Life

A Boy’s Life

A Boy’s Life: The film ‘This Boy’s Life has clearly brought up the concept of dysfunctional families through its character Caroline. She is unconventional eager to travel and discover instead of making babies and being oppressed by her husband. However, she looks her son but her decisions are proving of destruction including the decision to remarrying in the effort to providing Toby with a stable and a safe home life.

In an attempt to assume the conventional family oriented lifestyle, Caroline betrays herself and suffer for the decision undertaken which is not the intention of inflicting harm on herself or Toby.  Caroline and her son pack their luggage after her divorce and drive to Washington with the hope of starting fresh. She hopes that her son, Toby will overcome the situation, cope with life and being to perform better with her school work.

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Dysfunctional family theory is used in criminal justice system to understand the motivating factor for people who are frequently involved in crimes. The nature of offenders’ relationship with their parents and the behavior of offender’s parent can be used to identify the compelling factor to engage in criminal activities.

Allen, D. M. (2010). How dysfunctional families spur mental disorders: A balanced approach to resolve problems and reconcile relationships. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger.

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