A Biographical sketch of J. Wellhausen

Julius Wellhausen has always been and continues to be a renowned nineteenth-century scholar in the world. His prowess in matters concerning religion and biblical studies that led to him becoming a professor of theology, aided in opening up his path to the scholar world. He has mainly been attributed to his work as an Old Testament scholar, as well as, his Semitist teachings. The essay will discuss his life and work as a researcher.

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Most believers and non-believers are now skeptical of believing in the word of God, since holes were punched in it. They collectively see it now as a mere book that holds no power, and in its place, a man’s mind and intellect takes the position. The church’s faith has dwindled and people alike have been left asking questions like, “Has God said?” a question that is usually attributed to Satan, when he asked Eve so in the garden of Aden. However, it has allowed for freedom of thinking, worship and a deeper understanding of the Bible. All Christians can attribute their right to follow the orthodox churches or the liberal churches to the work of Julius Wellhausen.

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