9/11 The War on Terror

Terrorism around the world has not been a new concept or rather the activities are seemingly not unique for any country or region. The September 11 commonly referred to as 9/11 attacks was an attack that had a severe impact not just on America but even to the international community. The attacks were a series of four coordinated attacks by Islamist extremists of the Al-Qaeda group. Two of the passenger planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. The third one hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the fourth one crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers intervened. The target destination of the fourth plane is unknown though many speculated that it was targeting the White House, the Camp David Presidential Retreat in Maryland or one of the nuclear power plants. The attack led to the destruction of property and infrastructure worth over 10 billion dollars killing over 3,000 and causing injuries to thousands of others. The attack flamed war on terror by the United States led by President George W. Bush and resulted in rapid change in policies to combat terrorism and enhance security (Rich & Moreno, 2014).

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The lack of an identifiable enemy also disqualifies the use of the term war, and so the government should employ other tactics to be able to safeguard the lives, property and fundamental human rights of its citizens. It has also been vivid that the continued presence of U.S military in foreign territories only increases resentment. Subsequently, it makes more enemies for the country, and this means that the tactic is more disadvantageous than for the intended purpose.

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