Advantages of Departmential Onbording Processes

This paper illustrates the advantage of departmental on-boarding which is the practice of employing staff without providing the internal details of the company’s function versus spending some days to explain its operations. For this article the company name will be changed to XYZ Training Company, since management asks that the company not be identified. This paper will also have two sections of the literature review which is the on-boarding and analysis of various sources provided.

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Based on the information, it can be concluded that new employees felt that they understood the company’s purpose better after being involved in the orientation process.
It could also be illustrated that the new employees found that the time spent during the new OB process was a good investment in money and time. Based on XYZ Company did, the survey responses showed a positive reaction from the personal attention that they got, and this also translated into a better perception for the employee as to how they were a key element of the organization. Based on the conclusions, it is recommended that when bringing new staff into the organization, feedback has shown that employees have found the information provided in the OB process to be very useful. I recommend that the OB process for new employees be continuous for all newly hired personnel. Looking at the feedback received, this new kind of improved orientation process may assist in reduced turnover, employees becoming more positive attitude at work, and employees become more productive sooner.

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