4 Pillars

4 Pillars

4 Pillars

The United States constitutions provide directions upon which the federal government is constructed. It is a system that is founded on a strong framework that was established many years ago. The political system in America is comprised of four key pillars namely; separation of powers, national government, individual rights, and federalism. The paper seeks to describe the pillars and to explain how each pillar is important in the American society. It will also focus on elucidating how each pillar interacts with others.

Federalism connects the federal government with the U. S state government. The federal government controls the state especially on a matter concerning allocated funds. The federal government gives directions on how to use funds on specific programs. The pillar of separation of powers has it that each of the three branches of government have defined capabilities. In other words, it is the act where executive, legislative and judicial powers are considered as three bodies that have different powers. (Lasswell, 1950, p. 54).

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The Constitution is able to establish effective federalism within the three pillars because the pillars are in connection such that one cannot be effective without the other. There must be the separation n of powers in order to distinguish the duties entitled to the States government and the national government.

Lasswell, H. D. (1950). Politics: Who gets what, when, how. New York: P. Smith.

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