3 Old Testament Paragraphs

3 Old Testament Paragraphs

3 Old Testament Paragraphs

The book of Daniel is the twenty-eighth book of the Christian bible and of the Old Testament. The author is Prophet Daniel, with the authorship being believed to have occurred at around 530 BC. The literary genre of this book is prophetic oracle in narrative history, and religious scholars record that it has apocalyptic material. The main theme in this book is God’s sovereignty, depicted in the form of heavenly visions and prophetic narrative.

Other themes include the coming of the Messiah, God’s Servant, humankind damaging pride, and definitive and infallible victory of the kingdom of God. One of the purposes Daniel’s book was to encourage people seeking assurance of God’s preeminent control. The other purposes include preparing the saints for the future and revealing the coming and the death of Christ or the Messiah.

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Samuel was born in a town named Ramah by Hannah and Elikana, in between 1056 BC and 1004 BC by estimation. Samuel played three roles in Israel; judging the Israelites, anointing Saul and David as Israeli kings, and prophesying. The events in Samuel’s life include turning of the sons of the priest (Eli) into wickedness, rise and fall of Saul due to disobedience, and the ceizure of the Ark of the Covenant by the Philistines.

The biblical characters associated with Samuel include Eli the priest, David and Saul. The legacy left by Samuel is that the prophet anointed the first and the second earthly kings of Israel.

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