3 Impressionists Works of Art

3 Impressionists Works of Art

3 Impressionists Works of Art.

3 Impressionists Works of Art: Impressionism refers to a main movement that was developed in France in the 19th century. This anonymous society represented the group of artists who were famous in 1874.

This society consisted of printmakers, sculpture, and painters and many others. The masterwork of each impressionist was acknowledge during this era and today his or her modernity is prominent and renowne. Some are embodied to rejection as different styles were established.

The additional technology was new and was provided with new thoughts. The interpretation of modern life and modernity, share different techniques that were linke to a variety of approaches in their works of art.

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prints that were popular in his day, contributed to his ability to momentarily stop the action of the subject he was portraying. The early morning sun is depicte rising over the foggy harbor with ships and other various boats at port.

The dimness of the shadows showe the boats and figures and the reflection of the sun’s rays that could be seen on the surface of the water. Monet therefore incorporates a palette of mostly cool, dull colors into the painting with blue and gray colors.

He also includes spatters of other warm colors observed in the sky and the sun shining in orange color. This use of visible colors that are bright draws concentration to the key focus of the painting that is the sun (Loyrette, 2010).


Gardner, H., & Kleiner, F. S. (2009). Gardner’s art through the ages: a concise global history (2nd ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

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