2003 Firestorm in Southern California

2003 Firestorm in Southern California

2003 Firestorm in Southern California

It became to be known as the 2003 firestorm that burned a considerable area in San Diego County in Southern California in the year 2003. The firestorm is estimated to have consumed a total of 800, 000 acres, and it became the largest wildfire to be recorded in California’s history books. The fire was intensified by the Santa Ana winds, and this led to massive destruction of property and loss of lives. The paper seeks to explain how the storm begun and its consequences. It will also consider the frequency in California as far as wildfires are concerned. Also, the factors that are likely to influence firestorms. (Nasiatka, 2003, p. 12).

It all began in the Cleveland National Forest and information about the fire was on air for the first time in October 25 in 2003 at exactly 5:36 P.M. It then spread to the central of San Diego County in the southern part of Ramona. After the first report, there were already ten fire engines that had been deploy by the U.S Forest service. Within a few minutes, more than three hundred were already on their way to the south of Ramona.

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The firestorm also led to devastating results because of the Forest Service decision to turn away the helicopters that were deployed to put off the fire. There was the policy that in any fire disaster, all aircrafts had to be turned away thirty minutes before sunset. Therefore, the pilots of the helicopters claimed that were it not for the policy, they could have perpetrated multiple water drops, and the effects of the firestorm could have been minimal.

Nasiatka, P. (2003). Southern California Firestorm 2003. Report for Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center.

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