1984 by George orwell

1984 by George orwell

1984 by George orwell

Winston Smith according to the author was a low-ranking individual of the then ruling party in London in the Oceania nation. Everywhere Winston went, even at home the party would watch them through their telescreens. In fact, everywhere Winston went the omniscient leader, who was referred to as Big Brother was feared, and the face of his party was everywhere. Everything was controlled in Oceania by the party including the people’s language and history. The party was forcing the implementation of the invented language termed as Newspeak that aims to prevent political rebellions, as well as the words related to the rebellions.

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In conclusion, Winston succumbed to the torture and the author argues that he had no option but to accept his place in the Oceania society, as well as love the Big Brother. Indeed, the change of heart was because his spirit was already broken and that he had no option but give up Julia to O’Brien. The purpose of the Winston story by George Orwell was to warn his audience of the dangers and risks of a totalitarian government and the measures the governments would go to ensure they sustain the power and increase it.

Orwell, G. (1990). Nineteen Eighty-Four. 1949. The Complete Novels, 743-925.

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