12 years slaves 2013 movie analysis

12 years slaves 2013 movie analysis

12 years slaves 2013 movie analysis.

12 years slaves 2013 movie analysis: The film 12 Years of a slave is an adoption and it is developed of a book authored by Solomon Northup in the year 1853. The book entitled 12 Years of a slave with is kindly toned but the whole book scene are horrifying.

The book describes him and his family members were tempted to leave his home, in New York by two men as they were promised to get a huge sum of money after playing a violin. Unfortunately, they are later sold as slaves in the Washington DC.

The  director of the movie,  Steve McQueen direct  the movie by putting it character on extreme condition as they are starving and dying as a result of hunger, being sexually abused and  the way  they suffer under the white Americans in the southern states.

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person and the state of enslavement is a huge mistake and a form of injustice done to him and his family.

The point that McQueen is trying to bring out is that black people are either free from slavery or should be free in America because they are human being and they have families to look after.

The film is an achievement to the director and to everyone involved in it.  The director proves his skills and proficiency in video work and illustrate the drama in the life of slaves in America.  The film has produces actors and actresses who have been nominated for recognition due to their outstanding act in throughout the movie.

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