100 Level Intro to Sociology

100 Level Intro to Sociology

100 Level Intro to Sociology.

100 Level Intro to Sociology: A Man of the People is a satirical novel that tells a story from a first-person perspective. Odili, the narrator, is an educated young man who conflicts with Chief Nanga, a minister who is also Odili’s former teacher.

Chief Nanga invites Odili to his place in town, and several events unfold that express some common themes in the African context. Chief Nanga uses the position he has a Minister of Culture to acquire more personal wealth.

The power and riches impress Odili’s girlfriend, who cheats on Odili with the minister. Odili seeks revenge by pursuing the minister’s fiancée. Odili then gets into the political arena and leads an opposition despite the violent threats and bribes he receives.

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society needs to improve on some of its aspects by changing some individuals who are observed to contribute towards them.

The way the concepts are provided in the story is outstanding, and the moral lessons towards the change of the real society clearly express the dissatisfaction among the people as a result of the concepts with negative effects, and encourages people to adopt the positive concepts.

Although there are more concepts in the book that show the societal expectations and way of living. The ten concepts give an implication that the society has qualities that exclusively define it. Conclusively, it is agreeable that the author has effectively portrayed the concepts in the real life.


Achebe, C., & OverDrive, Inc. (1989). A man of the people. New York: Anchor Books.

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