1 Year Marketing Plan

1 Year Marketing Plan

1 Year Marketing Plan

Company G has been in the electronics market field for several years. It has evaluated its marketing and production mechanisms and come to the conclusion that feels that the current marketing plan offers no elevation plan for the company to engage higher profits. The company especially feels that it needs to make improvements in regards to its small appliances department. It has conducted market research and engaged talented designers and engineers to come up with a product that is bound to perform exceptionally well in the market.

The marketing plan that will be mapped out will seek to further the company’s profit potential in both the short and in the long run. The department is aware of its need to come up with a current market assessment that is precise and telling of the small appliance market situation. The plan will be geared towards high profitable sales from the launched small appliance.

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Frequency of monitoring
The monitoring of the overall Company G events will be towards ensuring gaining of profits for the company. In summary, different personnel from the different departments will be appoint to make the required changes. 2 specific Finance and 2 specific marketing Department executives will be appoint and collaborate on production vs. profit margins required. Six months due date
Frequency will be in task daily by marketing executives. Feedback will be share with finance and production department representatives. Every one week checking of local product and competitor prices Every one week and due date every three months

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